May 20th, Headed to the International Toy Market · May 19, 2007
Were having some down time in our room so I thought I would go ahead and post some pictures from this morning.  We ate dinner last night with the Moore's and McClure's, then had breakfast againgwith the Moore's.  It''s really nice to have people from home right here!!  Gracie's personality is coming out more and more, she has all of these looks that she can give you.  She thinks it's so funny when we have to say no, no, we really get a big smile out of that.  She's really climbing now too, when we got her we thought her legs were weak so she's already gaining strength.  The child eats everything so much for the noodles! She loves eggs, french fries, tatter totts, and bacon.  She still likes noodles too.  So far she's only drinking  orange drink and water, she did like the apple juice this am though.  Tim's still a little under the weather and I can't tell if I'm getting what he had or it's my asthma but were both taking medicine for it.  Yesterday our guide ask me the population of our city, I told him I thought about 7000 people, he said that's how many is probably in the mall we were at!!  There are 10 million in this city hard to believe.  Here's a few pictures from today!!
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