May 22nd, Leaving China!! · May 22, 2007

We got Gracie's Visa today and took the oath at the consulate. We really don't know what we swore to as Gracie decided to have a two year old fit during that time. We were in the room with 50 other families all adopting other babies.  Tim got to talk sports with a man from Jersey it really made him happy to meet a fellow sports fan.  I think the song Mr. Mom has a whole new meaning to Tim!!!  I have to pat my husband on the back and say what a wonderful Christian father and husband he is.  This last week was very hard and I don't think everyone would have delt with it like him.  Anyway he has another girl madly in love with him!! :)  Our plane leaves at 8:20 am, pray for our safety!!  Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support!!


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She likes wearing dresses!!
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Broc here we come, Gracie can't wait to meet you!!