We are safely home from Little Rock. It rained on the way home for the better part of the trip but we didn't see one accident and didn't have any problems. Brea slept most of the trip home and Brooke and Baker watched several movies which means they weren't picking on each other.

Brea's heart biopsy went well and we got the results on the way home yesterday afternoon via cell phone. The results showed that Brea is not rejecting her new heart! Thank you, thank you for the many prayers that have been said on Brea's behalf. God hears our prayers and answers them! Please continue to pray for Brea's recovery and continued good health. After the biopsy she had an echocardiogram that showed that the heart wall has thinned out meaning her blood pressure medicine is working! They lowered her dose of steroids a bit so hopefully there will be a little more sleep for the Peanut (and the mommy) in the near future.

We will be headed back to Little Rock in two weeks for another check up. The drive is long (850 miles in two days with three kids) but it is worth it to be able to be home between visits.

I took some great photos of the kids the other night and I'll try to get them posted later today.

On a side is the official start of hurricane season. If you live near the coast (like we do) make a hurricane plan with your family. Plan a place to go in case you need to evacuate. If you have family or friends near the coast please contact them and make sure they have a place to evacuate to. Have your hurricane kit ready including medications, important documents and phone numbers for family and friends.

Happy weekend from Prairieville!