Max's Orphanage


Datong Social Welfare Institute

Shanxi Province

Front of Datong SWI 

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 Front gate where many babies are left.

Beautiful statue in front of Datong SWI

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 I can't tell you how many hours I have studied these pictures trying to find Max, but I don't think he is in them.

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I realize that this is just a handful of the children that live in the orphanage.  These are a just few of the photos that I have, and I am so thankful to have them, the place where Max spend the first months of his life. But not for long, your coming home!!!! 


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I don't know what keeps these babies from tumbling out of the cribs?


Datong Social Welfare Institute (SWI) is located in the city of Datong, in the Province of Shanxi. The Datong area is a coal-mining region that remains economically challenged. Datong SWI is home to approximately 700 children, many of whom are older or special needs children. I have recently found out that all 700 children are not at the orphanage at the same time.  Many of the children go back and forth from foster homes to Datong SWI.