Little visitors and "Bye Bye Da Da" · June 22, 2007

Well, it seems the word it out to all the animal kingdom that the Wusterbarth family has a weakness for critters of all kinds.  For the last several weeks Brooke has been saying that her cat (who recently became an outside cat due to Brea's heart transplant) was eating a lot.  Now we know why!  Last night we had an opposum, a grey cat, a black cat and a fiesty orange cat come up on the patio and help themselves to some cat food.  The opposum didn't seem afraid of me at all (but I sure am afraid of her) and let me take her picture from just inside the back door (and through the glass of course).  The grey cat and the black cat were harmless.  They ate and then left on their own but the orange cat cornered Garfield (our cat) and attacked him.  Poor Garfield had never been in a cat fight and didn't know what to do.  His main purpose in life has always been to eat, sleep and get petted.  His name suits him, he is lazy and a big blob of blubber.  It makes us wonder what other type critters are coming in while we are sleeping.

This morning as Danny was leaving for work Brea said "Bye-bye Da Da"!  Now this may not sound like a big deal but it is for Brea.  She has never put together more than two words.  She is like a little mocking bird with repeating single words but this was unprovoked and 4 words!  We are so proud of her!

On a funny note...Brea has a new trick for getting out of trouble.  Whenever we correct her (like telling her to sit down when she stands on the sofa) she obeys and then says "good girl".  We of course crack a smile and suddenly it becomes a game.  Boy, we are suckers for a cute smile!

Here are a few photos from the picnic in Little Rock, our visitors and a few misc. 



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