June 28th, A note of thanks!! · June 28, 2007

Since I've been sooo slow about getting thank you notes to everyone, I just wanted to say thanks for all of the babysitting, prayers, meals, gifts,beautiful flowers (Kenzie)  love and support that everyone has showed to our family.  I can never express to everyone how much everything has meant to me.  Gracie is so blessed to come home to such a loving group of friends and family.  She has changed our lives forever and we love her sooo much.  Thanks also to  Marilyn for the beautiful shower she gave to us.  I've been going to St. Louis so much it was a nice break in between trips!!  My father is about the same they put the trach in today, please continue to pray for him!!  Thanks again to everyone!!   Here's some new pictures.

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Aunt Glenda home to help with Papa, Gracie adores her!!
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Sorry I repeated these, I'll fix later to tired tonight!!