July 12, Guess who got their ears pierced · July 12, 2007
Well today was a day devoted to Gracie.  She had her international adoption clinic appointment yesterday in St. Louis, all is well!!  Praise God.  My dad is also doing better, they are trying to wean him off of the ventilator.  Slowly he is beginning to recover, God has more things for dad to do!! :)  I decided it was time for Gracie to have her picture made, she was like a pro.  After we had her ears pierced.  She yelled right after it was done and 2 suckers later life was good!!  She is saying more and more here's what she can say so far.  Thank you, NO, NO, More NO (LOL), mama, dada, buba, memaw, nanny, papa, puppy, kitty cat, Barney, CHEESE, oh boy, Faith, I'll be back, night-night, love you, bye, bye.  I think there's more I'm just getting tired.  Here's her new pictures.  I'll have more later with her new earrings!!
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Our sweet daughter
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Keep us in your prayers, Gracie's adjustment has been so good and we want it to continue.  My father and mother need prayer now, please continue to remember them.