An update on the move · August 24, 2007

Well, things are moving along in the right direction.  It has been a busy week and we have made a good bit of progress.  Here is a snap shot of what has been going on here in the Wusterbarth house this week.

Workers removed our hardwood floors on Monday and began preparing the slab for the new wood.  This is being done because the woods have never matched and we were finally able to convince the flooring company to do something about it! 

On Tuesday more layers of filler were put on our slab and left to dry while I worked to keep the kids off the wet concrete and made countless phone calls to set up new utilities at our new home in North Caolina.

Wednesday morning the work crew showed up bright and early and began laying the beautiful new floors in the dining room, living room and foyer.  The new floors went in much faster than the old ones came out.  I don't think the dust cloth and polish left my hand all day since there was a thick coat of dust on every item in the downstairs portion of the house. 

On Thursday, Baker had his annual cardiology check up and we got great news that his heart is doing great!  He goes back in one year for another check up.  In the afternoon I met with the moving company survey represectative for a walk through of the house so he could get an idea of how many boxes and cartons would be needed to move us.  Afterwards I met with the realtor to start the process of getting this house listed.  I had numerous phone calls from our family services coordinator today who handles all of Brea's physical and occupational therapy services.  She has already contacted the prorgram director in Raleigh and has forwarded our information to her so Brea can begin services as soon as we are settled in a bit.   

This morning we woke up to a free schedule until 2:00 pm.  That is until the appraiser called and said he would be here earlier than scheduled.  Luckily, I had spent the entire day on Thursday getting ready for all these appointments so the house was in tip top shape and I only had to pick up a few toys and load the dishwasher with the breakfast dishes before he came.  Afterwards I met with anoher realtor for a second market analysis (which is required by our relocation company).  We wrapped up our meeting just in time to get dinner ready and welcome Danny home from Raleigh. .   

The weekend will be spent getting the final things done around the house to get it listed next week.  The moving company called this morning to confirm that they will be here bright and early on Monday to pack us.  We hope to hear from the last appraiser this weekend and hope to hear from the relocation company with thier recommendations for a list price early in the week. 

I'm sure I've forgotten bits and pieces here and there but I think you can get the picture...things are crazy here!   I'm trying to focus on the fact that at this time next week we will be well on our way to Raleigh and all this will be a distant memory in no time.  After going through what we've been through this year, this all seems so unimportant.  It is funny how the experiences in our lives help us to put things in perspective when we start to feel a little overwhelmed.  This weekend our neighbors are hosting a going away get together for us and we will start to say our good byes.  This will be our last Sunday at our church and I'm not looking forward to that.  As excited as we are about being closer to family and Brea's medical care it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye to people who have become so dear to us.  Last weekend our pastor announced our upcoming move at church and I had many people stop me to talk about it after services were over.  I was shocked to find myself in tears and I think this Sunday will be even harder.  It is never easy to leave familiar surroundings and people that you care about but in this case, it is even more difficult because our friends, neighbors and church family have been through so much with us this year.  OK, time to sign off...I can feel the tears coming on...

Goodnight from Prairieville where at 8:14 pm the princess and her daddy are already asleep and the mommy is not far behind!