The birthday boy! · August 26, 2007
Today was a busy day! After a tearful goodbye at church this morning we headed to Skate Galaxy to celebrate Baker's 8th birthday. We had planned on having a party after we move and get settled into our new home but he really wanted to celebrate with his friends here so I threw together a last minute party with skating, laser tag, pizza, cake and ice cream. It was great to see him smiling and happy. He and Brooke have given up so much and missed out on so many things in the last six months due to Brea's illness and it felt great to do something just for him. Baker gave up Choi Kwang Do while Brea's was hospitalized and after we came home because Brea could not be exposed to other kids and Brooke gave up the rest of the dance year and her recital because she missed so much while in Arkansas. They have never once complained but I know that they both missed out on things that meant a lot to them. Baker's party was a lot of fun and as I watched him running through the laser tag arena I couldn't help but think of all that he has been through with his heart and what a miracle it is that he is celebrating his 8th birthday! God is so good and today the proof was a sweaty, red headed little boy with a pizza sauce smile!

This evening our neighbors Brian and Marina had us and several other neighbors over for a going away party/dinner. The food was great but the company was even better! We have truly been blessed with wonderful neighbors, great friends and an awesome church family here in Prairieville and we will miss everyone terribly. The good news is that the welcome mat is always out at our home!

Here are a few photos from today. Enjoy!
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The birthday bunch!
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