Me and Brea...learning something new everyday! · September 14, 2007

Everyday we learn something new at our house.  Today Brea discovered Jay Jay the Jet Plane.  Before the show was over she was "flying" all over the living room with her little arms stretched out to the sides! 

Today I discovered that North Carolina has many more services for Brea than Louisiana did!  Our Early Steps folks in Louisiana passed our information to the agency here in North Carolina and after talking with them it seems that Brea will be able to get her OT, PT and speech through thier Early Intervention Program.  Unlike Louisiana, North Carolina's program is not income based thank God!  In North Carolina once a child in the Early Intervention program reaches the age of three they are enrolled in a preschool type program that serves developmentally delayed children (or a program for thier special need).  They receive thier OT, PT and speech during preschool and they also work on regular preschool activities as well as socialization.  The big question will be "if" Brea will be able to attend due to her low immune system because of the drugs she takes.  If she is not able to attend, she will continue to get her services at home.  Needless to say, we are thrilled to find out this is available as an option for us.   

We've also heard from our insurance company (finally).  Arkansas Children's Hospital and our insurance company have been doing battle over the bills for months now.  ACH was not an in network hospital and we had to get special permission to have Brea treated there.  There really wasn't an option since ACH is the only hospital in the country who can transport a heart patient on ECMO.  Anyway, even though the insurance company approved for Brea to go there for treatment, the hospital did not give them the in network discount that they would have given to them had they been an in network hospital.  After months of negotiating between the two, the hospital has finally issued the insurance company a credit.  We were told on March 22nd (the day Brea got her Berlin heart) that we had met our life time max.  Now it looks like with the credit we have a bit of coverage for the time being.  It also looks like the company is working on some other options for insurance for 2008 and hopefully it will provide us with more coverage options for Brea.

Well, time to go.  Miss Brea is waiting patiently for me to read her ANOTHER Barney book.  :)