Busy, Busy · October 09, 2007

Seems like every since we've moved it's been busy, busy.  Gracie is doing great her speech is doing so well. Here's some things that she's saying:  Where's my daddy, what's daddy doing?? No noodles(the dogs).  That's mine!! :)  When you say I love you she would say I love you to too, it was sooo cute.  She still says I love you and I love you in Chinese.  She can count to 7, tries to sing Ole Mc Donald but mixes some Chinese in it, she really likes the EI EI O!!!  She loves her bath and really likes to drain the tub.  She also loves being at Miss Anna's and Kaylee's sometimes she doesn't want to leave.  Gracie and Faith also love playing together (finally) they are so cute together.  Faith is the ring leader and Gracie does whatever Faith does and continues to do it when Faith has left.  Faith still likes to suck her thumb, so Gracie sometimes does it.  Speaking of Faith she is so beautiful and so smart.  She talks like an adult too sweet.  She still says hold you instead of hold me, so the other day she told Tim hold you daddy really bad!!!!  One wonderful thing that happened was Gracie's dedication to the church that was on Sun. Sept. 30th, we were so happy that after 4 months home we were able to do it.  Anyway here's some more pics.


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Some of our good friend's children, Fredia, Jeffrey and William
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