10/12/07 Blessings · October 12, 2007

***I tried to post this update last night but the babyjellybeans system was down so I am posting it this morning.  Thank you for your continued prayers.***

We finally heard from the Neurologist today. After reviewing Brea's MRI and MRA with the neurology team they have ruled out a stroke but did find a small area of her brain that has "died" from lack of oxygen. It probably happened during one of the 4 times that she received CPR while waiting on her heart. The part that has died is VERY small and controls taste and blood pressure (usually causing it to be low). It is NOT the reason the nerve in her face is losing blood flow. That is caused by a spike in her blood pressure and is probably a medication related problem. The neurologist says that we would probably never have known about the damage if she hadn't had an MRI and MRA because it will cause her no problems in life. Other than that, her MRI and MRA were normal and healthy looking!

We are still waiting to hear back from her transplant cardiologist at Duke about Brea's BP medicines. I think they will probably put her back on Captopril since it was working so well for her. They changed her from the Captopril to the Enalapril simply because the volume of the Captopril was so much but I can handle larger doses much better than I can handle trips to the ER!

This afternoon Brea was outside running and chasing her ball with her siblings! She slid down the slide all by herself and even tried out the big kids swings. You would never know that just two days ago everyone suspected that she had had a stroke. She looks like the picture of health and her smile is back in full force and prettier than ever (I'm a little biased of course!). She is still shaking a bit but we hope that will be resolved with the change to her medicine.

We received another blessing tonight...our realtor called with a contract on our home in Louisiana! It was a full price offer and set to close on 11/15! I guess God knew that my stress level was a bit high and thought I needed a break before I ended up on blood pressure medicine too! Laughing Thank you God for this additional blessing!

It has been a great day here at the Wusterbarth home...a great day indeed!

Good night from Wake Forest!