Pumpkin Patch Weekend, Oct.17 · October 17, 2007

This last weekend we took the girls to Wurth Farms, several of the families from our Families with Children from China were there.  The girls had fun, it was when their naps should have been so we had some cranky girls.  They both enjoyed the pumpkins!!  We also took them on Fri. to Chucky Cheese, I don't think either girl really cared that much about it.  On Sunday we went to a cookout/ baby shower at Donnie and Patti Grergory's home, they had a good time there.  On Mon. Gracie decided to panic me and locked herself in my van!!!  My poor neighbor came up the road to help me, I was so upset.  You ask did Gracie get upset??  NOPE, she seemed quite amused, she would look at me and smile.  Finally she did push the other button and my neighbor said the other door had opened and we got to her!!!  Wow what a day!!! 











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