A new church, new friends and a new outlook! · November 04, 2007

A new church, new friends and a new outlook!

This morning we visited another new church.  Afterwards we talked with the kids and have decided to go back next week!   Danny and I enjoyed the message and music,  the kids enjoyed Sunday school and there was even a small library off the worship area for me to stay with Brea and still be able to hear the service.  Since we were the only ones in there she was able to take her mask off and play which was a huge bonus!  This church is a lot bigger than our church in Louisiana so we are hoping that it won't be too hard to get connected and involved. I'll keep you posted.

This evening we had dinner at a neighbor's house.  They are from Guyana and they prepared a wonderful traditional Guyanese meal for us including Roti and Curry.  Our kids played together, the men watched the game and the ladies did what ladies do best...talked!  Our families couldn't be more different on the surface but we are so much alike on the inside!  Our sons are already great friends but I can see our families becoming life long friends as well. 

Last week was a really hard week for me and it would have been easy to let the things that were bothering me ruin my weekend but I didn't thanks to many of you!  I received many encouraging email messages from folks who shared their personal stories with me and offered words of encouragement to me.  Thank you for those emails!  You really helped me put my priorities in order and put my focus back where it needed to be!  I've discovered so much about myself, life in general and God's provisions through this journey.  Even with all we've been through over the last 8 months, I wouldn't want to go back to being the person I was before this experience.  What I've learned has made the sun shine a little brighter, the flowers smell a little sweeter and the time I spend with my family more precious than ever.  I am truly blessed and I thank you for helping me remember all that I have to be thankful for.