Too Excited for Christmas, Nov.13 · November 13, 2007
Well, I guess I'm over anxious I went and had the kids Christmas pictures done.  I thought they were sooo sweet even Broc who is 15 but still my baby!! :)  Gracie and Faith make quite the pair I guess at times you could call them the terror twins.  They really seem to love each other (at times).  Gracie looks for Faith a lot through the week and weekend she's not here.  Faith still enjoys coming to our home and we LOVE her being her.  She is such a natural beauty from the inside out!  So here's the Christmas pics, as we get ready from Thanksgiving!!
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Broc age 15
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This is going to be a holiday season  with mixed emotions.  It is Gracie's first holiday season and we won't be able to share it with my dad this year.  I am very greatful for all the holidays that we had with dad, he really seemed to enjoy all of them. :)