Check up with transplant team at Duke · November 29, 2007

We spent the morning at Duke having a check up with the transplant team.  Brea had an echo, lab work and a physical exam.  The lab results came back before we left and everything looks great.  The echo was normal and the technician complimented Brea on how well she behaved during her test!  She even "helped" him do the test. 

Brea started feeling bad yesterday but it turned out to be the common cold.  This is her first time having a virus since the transplant so needless to say, I'm worried about her but Dr. Carboni assurred me that with rest, fluid and Tylenol she should be fine in a couple of days. 

The doctor said Brea looks great and to keep doing what we are doing!  She has grown quite a bit and is now 32 inches tall and weighs 23 pounds.  She will have another heart biopsy in January and if it shows no rejection they will wait nine months before they do another one.  She will then go every three months for a check up, echo and lab work.  We are still planning to return to Little Rock for Brea's one year post transplant check up in March or April since transplant centers like to follow their patients even if they move out of the area.

Please continue to pray that Brea's little body will continue to accept her new heart as its own.  She is an amazing little girl and my hero!  She has endured more in her short little life than most of us will in a lifetime yet she continues to smile, dance and sing her way through everyday.

Christmas came early for me this year...thank you God!