A new church home for Christmas! · December 23, 2007

We moved here over Labor Day and the hardest part of this move has been leaving our church in Prairieville. We have been on a MAJOR search since moving for a new church home. We have visited large churches, small churches, traditional ones, contemporary ones and even one that my son refers to as the "airport" church because of the massive size. I came to you guys and asked for you to pray for us as we searched for a new church home and I thought I'd share with you that we have been blessed with a new church home for Christmas!!!

Today we went back to a church that we visited early in our search (and had kept on the maybe list) and gave it a second try. I have to admit that when I checked their website Saturday night and discovered that the contemporary service that we would normally attend had been cancelled and there would only be two traditional services today, we almost didn't go. This also meant that the kids programs were cancelled and our older kids would be tortured with "big church" as they call it. I'm happy to report that it turned out to be a wonderful experience.

The traditional sanctuary was decorated for Christmas (the contemporary service is held in the Christian life center) and when we walked in the only seats left were on the front row (even though we were there 10 mintues before the service began). We reluctantly took our seats and by the time the music began we had already had several people speak to us which made us feel so welcome. Brea immediately noticed the violin and trumpet players and she was so thrilled to be on the front row and so close to the advent wreath when it was lit. The biggest surprise of all was the sermon. The pastor had been out of town the last time we visited here so this was our first experience with him and his sermon was not only one that was relavent to today it was also funny and kept Brooke and Baker's attention the ENTIRE time! Brea actually went up to the alter with her sister and brother for children's time and proudly came back to her seat holding an incense stick which she immediately let Barney smell!

As we were leaving a man came up to us and introduced himself and told us that he and his wife have two adopted daughters from China. Brea's scar was peeking out the neckline of her little dress and he asked if she was a SN child. I explained that she had had a heart transplant and as he said goodbye to us he gave her the sweetest little kiss on the forehead and said "God Bless you".

By the way...Brea got to meet the trumpet player in the narthex after the service and he told her how much he enjoyed watching her enjoying the music. We told him that she really had enjoyed the trumpet and violin and I have a feeling she is not going to settle for sitting anywhere but the front row next week!

When we reached the car we all began to talk at once. Shocked Now that is not unusual but usually the conversation is about what the church we have just visited is lacking. This time it was about the connection we all felt with this church. I am so glad we went back for a second visit. I think when we visited the first time we were all still wishing we were back at our church home in LA and not yet willing to open our hearts to a new church. This time God spoke to each of us and told us that this is where we belong. We are eager to get involved and are going to the Christmas Eve services tomorrow night. Thank you Lord for this special Christmas gift and thank you friends for praying for our family as we searched for the perfect place for our family to worship and call home.

Before I say goodnight I'd like to ask you to keep Brea's donor's family in your prayers.  Today would have been Salvador's first birthday.  I'm sure today was very hard for them and Christmas day is going to be very hard as well.  Please pray for a peace that only God can give as they remember their sweet boy and celebrate the birth of another special baby...Jesus!

Goodnight and Merry Christmas!