Easter Pictures 08 · March 15, 2008
I wanted to post the girls Easter pics that we had made today, I thought they turned out good.  The girls are sooo funny, on the way down from Harrisburg Faith looked at me and said Gracie gets on my nerves!!!  I had to laugh.  Gracie's favorite new thing to say is REALLY???  I say it all of the time so I guess I know where she gets it from.  Her speech has really progressed, a few weeks ago she said I'm sorry mama and I rolled my eyes because I knew she didn't mean it, she said I really am sorry mama. :)  I put some pictures of Broc in here, he was an usher at the National Honors society, only sophomores with a 4.0 average got to attend, yeah I'm a proud mama!!!  He'll be 16 in 2 months, I can't believe it.  I remember when he was Gracie and Faith's age. :)
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Brocton before going to the National Honors Society
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All for now, hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!  We'll have some more pics to share on Easter day!! :)  Were ready for spring!!!