Sunday at the White Swan
June 01, 2008
       Sunday at the white Swan, a rainy day. 
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        Sunday, June 1, 2008.  Happy 9 month birthday, Jillian Rose!!!  It also happens to fall on a special day celebrated in China, "Happy Children"s Day"!!!  Families from all over came to the White Swan to celebrate this special day.

     We went to breakfast, came back to the room to find our very special gift given to adoptive families, " A Going home Barbie".  It depicts an American Mother holding her Asian baby.  In our case, the hair coloring is reversed!!! 

     We managed to take a short walk in between the rainy day showers.  When the rain started up again in earnest, we were hotel bound. 

     Amazingly with so many families, and so many children, again Jillian gets lots of smiles and attention!

     A personality starts to emerge as Jillian gives us smiles and giggles!!!!  Very different from the first couple of nights.   She must have been very confused.  Probably still is.  

     Alas, our poor baby girl is having some teething issues.  Trying to give her some relief with the baby oragel, and also had to resort to infant tylenol.  She's fast asleep for the night.  This girl sleeps the whole night through!!   A girl after my own heart!!

     We are also quite happy to report that we still have NOT encountered any squatty potties!!  Although, we did come across a toilet in the airport that had the toilet paper outside the stalls.  Also, quite happy to report that in light of all the local food fair, we have NOT had any digestive issues either!