Yet another rainy day, Tuesday June 3rd
June 03, 2008

      Tuesday, June 3, 2008, brings us yet another rainy day!


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The Dreaded Squatty Potty!!!!!

      We had a sad, teething, constipated baby on our hands last night.  She was so uncomfortable that she fought sleep.  Amazingly, once she's asleep, she is out for the night.

     While enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the White Swan Buffet, we met more of our on-line friends from the RQ site.  Again, we were very happy to place the names with the faces.  And, again, such warm wonderful people!!  It was much easier to spot us with Jillian's blondie looks.  Our Strawberry is a celebrity!!  

      Jillian is only used to being bottle fed, so while at breakfast we tried, what else but, a little "Strawberry" yogurt.  The spoon provided quite an adventure!!  We should have taken some pictures, however, it took four hands to try out a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt!!  Such torture for a little baby....She must have liked the taste because she didn't spit anything out.  She just didn't like how it was administered.

      Trapped in our room, and not just because of the rain.  We're waiting on news of our Consulate appointment.  So, we're taking advantage of the time playing with Jillian.  Daddy gave her a bottle for lunch.  We snuck in the yogurt with the formula, and, she didn't turn it away.  Daddy's making her smile and giggle while we wait for Ms. Lee to call us.

      Ms. Lee called, and our paperwork is all in order!!  We're no longer restricted to the room.  Time to clean Jillian up, change her diaper and clothes, then venture out though the lobby shops, and take more pictures.

     Since we are not traveling in a group, our Red Couch photo will be a Red Chair photo.  Pretty regal if you ask me.  Will post photos later.  

     You can run, but you can't hide!!!  The dreaded squatty potty rears it's ugly head!!! 

      For all those traveling, or waiting to travel, always, always, always carry toilet paper on your person!!!  Everywhere you go!!!  Thank goodness I did!!!!  It would NOT have been a pretty sight!!!