We have a world-wide traveler!!! Also visited with some co-workers!! Power outage at my Dad's house. Updates on the power outage.
June 05, 2008
       We have a world-wide traveler!!  In just two short weeks, this baby girl is now considered a seasoned world-wide traveler!!!   Jillian is such a good traveler!
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Our very own Chinese Rose!

      The weary travelers have made it home safe and sound thanks to Uncle Ron!!  We are now on the road to recovering from jet lag.  Our baby girl is just a bit confused with the time change.  We are all doing well.

          We had a bit of a mishap with lost luggage upon our departure from Hong Kong, and our arrival home.  A prized possession went missing as a result.  The photo album and finding ad was in that case.  With everything we had to carry on board paperwork, cameras, computer, diaper bag, and, oh yeah, the Baby, we had no choice but to place it in our luggage and hope for the best. 

        Worst case scenario came true, and of all bags to go missing, it had to be that one.  We were just heart broken.  Anything could have happened to that case.  It could be in somewhere in Hong Kong or anywhere in the world, or, someone may have walked off with the case.  Just don't know.  The only consolation would be that we had a bag of dirty laundry in the frey.  Also in the case were some traditional Chinese clothes, squeaky shoes, and some trinkets, as well as some of my Prized Scrubs - never leave home without them!!  Yes, Jane, I wore scrubs in China!! 

      To all our family, friends, co-workers, and our new online friends from our yahoo group and the RQ site. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your support, and somtimes much needed advice.  This was one long, wild roller coaster ride.  Thank you all for your wonderfully warm messages in our guestbook. 

        We'd also like to take the opportunity to give our Xuzhou Yahoo group an extra special thank you for the warm welcome you gave us, the support, and the continued encouragement you provide!!

      As a result , we now have a Happy, Healthy, Normal and Beautiful baby girl!!!  Her hair is yellow blond, not white.   Although fair, she has color to her face and skin.  Naturally she looks more fair with me as her back round, as I have olive skin, and I am of Italian descent.  Her eyes are hazel which often looks different shades depending on the lighting or the color clothing she is wearing.  We have a non-special needs referral, and, our baby girl has no disabilities what so ever. 

        So many have asked if we will continue our blog.  Well, of course, the answer is yes!!  We may skip an day here or there, and will post as often as possible. 

         We, as well as many others before us, have been through the same journey.  We may have had different ups and downs, however, the result is for the most part the same.  We take different roads.  We also may have different outlooks.  We took comfort, tips and advice from the many BTDT families.  It also gave us hope for the future as we waited for our referral.  We hope to give back to those still waiting, the same support we received during our wait.

      Yippee yahooey!!!!!  The airport found our luggage and delivered it to our doorstep with all contents intact!!  We have our very precious photo album back!!!!!  And the dirty laundry as well!!!!!  I gather if they opened the bag and caught a wiff of something they weren't supposed to touch, they decided not to further delve into the bag.In a sense, it is a very good possibility that the dirty laundry saved the day!!!  Only surmising, of course!!!  And certainly not accusing anyone of anything!!

      June 7, 8 &9 - Saturday, Sunday, Monday:  We're having a heat wave!  Trying to keep cool.  The only consolation, Jillian is  used to the heat.  The rest of us are just trying to deal with it.  It's just a little to early in the year for these high temps and high humidity!! 

      Monday, June 9, 2008.  We visited the hospital where I (Jan) work, and Jillian received a most wonderful reception!!!!  This little girl has a huge fan base!!!  We were there for several hours, and still were not able to catch up with everyone!!  Jillian was a trooper!!  Everyone was very excited to finally meet her in person!

      Tuesday, June 10, 2008, severe thunder and lightning storm, and a power outage at my Dad's house.  Wednesday, 12pm, the power has been out for about14 hours at this point.  At least there has been a break in the humidity.  Jillian and I have to go shopping to stock up on some batteries, flashlights, ice and some food supplies to bring over to my Dad's, as well as, some supplies for us to have at home too. 

      A fallen tree at the bottom of the hill was the culprit.  It pulled down a power line and knocked out the power for the whole block.  The city workers came by and said not our problem - it's Con Ed's problem!  Con-Ed came by and said not our problem - it's a city problem...they need a tree crew!  Somewhere along the line the right hand needed to get together with the left hand to solve the problem.   Wednesday, 6PM Con Ed and the City finally got themselves in some kind of order, and it took an additional 12 1/2 hrs to fix the problem.

      The power is back on!!  33 hours later.  We had loaded the frig and the cooler with ice. Managed to save everything except for the ice cream!!  Meanwhile, poor Jillian is dealing with constipation again.  Poor baby.  We gave her some gerber two prunes hoping that it will help move things along.  Whatever happened to the free duty??  We'll just have to wait and see. 

     Hopefully, next nap, we'lll be able to post some new photos.

      Side note, Our hearts and prayers go out to Auntie Sandra's family.  After a long illness, they suffered the loss of their grandfather, Poppy.  We know that this a difficult time for you Auntie San.  Stay strong, and always remember that we love you!!