Three weeks today Jillian was placed in our arms
June 16, 2008

        Three weeks today Jillian was placed in our arms.  Three weeks we are a family!

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Yummie!! I love prunes!!

      After spending the half the weekend at Papa's house, we had a quiet Father's day at home.  John was able to have a relaxing day playing with Jillian, watching the U.S. Open, a nice long nap, and no telephone!! 

       Monday, June 16, 2008.  Three weeks ago today, Jillian was placed in our arms, and unconditionally and irrevocably stole our hearts!!!  We had a little celebration with what else but Champagne and Chinese food from P.F. Chang's!!  Jillian enjoyed pureed beef, carrots, peas and pears courtesy of Gerber's!!  She just gobbled up the whole thing!!

        Tuesday, June17, 2008.  Jillian had a very rough day today, poor baby girl.  She had her first visit to the pediatrician.  Two immunizations and a PPD later, we were off to the hospital where I work for more baby torture.  It doesn't even end there.  We still had to do some food shopping.  That's when enough was enough!  Poor baby girl had a melt down at the register, and was inconsolable.

       We finally made it to Papa's house, had a nap and some dinner.  We then made our way home, and it was off to bed for this exhausted young lady who is resting a bit fitfully.  She is fighting sleep at the moment. Can't say I blame her.  Even with all she had to deal with today, our baby girl is a trooper!!

       We still have to gather stool specimens, however, we'll leave that for tomorrow.