It's been a long time, June 21,08 · June 21, 2008
Boy time is flying, the girls are growing and Broc is working. :)  Both girls are doing everything.  Gracie continues to have a heart of gold and be a very high strung child.  She is so funny the other day she looked at me and said no way hosa!! LOL!!  She can count to 20, and is learning to spell her name.  Faith is very smart and knows her colors, counts and converses VERY well.  Broc is working most all of the time and has started to condition for football.  He ended up with a 4.0 GPA and were very pround of him.  I've got lots of pictures to share, I ended up having to get a new camera after my second one gave out on me.  Seems like after a very cool spring summer is finally here, we all have had the upper respiratory stuff and were sick most of spring.  I'm hoping I'm finally over it!!!  Not many plans for summer mainly swimming in the family pool, cooking out and maybe a summer water park trip.  We do plan to go to FL for Thanksgiving, it's been the first one in years that we've traveled for.  Can't wait!!!!
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Summer is starting, hope everyone has a blessed safe summer. :) We are very thankful for some answered prayers this week, thank you Lord!!!