First Visitors · April 11th - May 28th 2008

Anticipating our c-section delivery of Josh, our family and friends generously offered their time to come and help as I would not be able to lift Gracie for 6 weeks following his birth.  By the time Josh moved position so that we could have a natural delivery, everyone's travel plans were already in place so we had the great blessing of being surrounded by family and friends for the first 6 weeks of his life!  Our first guests were Dawn and Emma and we can't tell you how much all of their love and support (and caregiving) helped.  Dawn and Emma, you will never know how much your trip out here meant to me....I love you so much!  Everyone else, too, but Dawn was our first visitor and she anticipated every little thing that might make my life easier and freed me up to spend time with Gracie and Josh.  She even gave me the best back rub!  Thank you so much!

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Dawn, Emma, and Baby Josh

Thank you everyone for coming to visit!  Please come again soon!  We love you all very much!