2 down, 1 to go · August 16, 2008

Wyatt's adoption registration for the state of Kentucky arrived today.  The post office actually tried to deliver it last Friday, but we were not home, and a signature was required.  No second attempt was made. We were instructed to get it at the post office (naturally this would occur the week school starts), so over a week later, we went to the post office to pick up the packet.  Now, it is official, and we only need to apply for Wyatt's social security card which we could not do while the state still had his Certificate of Citizenship.

After three days we can't say that Wyatt is thrilled with school, but he is adjusting to the fact that he isn't getting out of it. He does say that Mrs. Meade, his teacher, is cool. 

A trip to Target yesterday resulted in some impulse buys that blew the budget, but we are hoping they will be put to good use. The dollar spot was loaded with Spiderman goodies, so Tamara picked up Spiderman books for practicing handwriting and numeral writing.  These purchases weren't really impulsive because they were the reason for the trip to Target after a tip from a friend, but there were Spiderman socks for a dollar and a dry erase board and a magnetic board as well as Spiderman pencils.  Tamara figured that getting Wyatt to write in as many ways as possible would be beneficial, so she bought all of them including the socks (of course, socks have nothing to do with writing).  Wyatt was with her and insisted on a Spiderman yo-yo which did not survive the day.  Of course Tamara knew Julia would be jealous, so Hello Kitty pencils, necklaces, socks, and a backpack clip-on were added to the cart.  In fact, Julia is jealous of the Spiderman writing books and has been sneaking them so that she can work on them.  If only, the Hello Kitty spot had such books.  We will have to get her something to keep her hands off Wyatt's stuff.

Jealousy works both ways. Julia started gymnastics today and absolutely loved it.  Wyatt was green with envy and pointed repeatedly the gym, and said "Wyatt, yes."  However, his English is just not good enough for such a class, and it was a splurge because it was too expensive.  Julia has just wanted it for so long that we gave in, and it really is her gift as she is a strong, daring, and fearless girl.  We can't explain to him that basketball will be here soon enough.  By the time the season rolls around, we think his English will be strong enough for him to play on a team.  There is a fun zone at the gym which he would probably love as much as the class, if not more.  However, the class was almost finished before we realized that we could pay an entrance fee to let him play in the fun zone.  It is too expensive to do weekly, but he won't be going with us weekly, so maybe he can have some fun too while Julia practices standing on her hands which seemed to be what they did the most in this gym class.

You may remember Haley whose website is where we found pictures of  Wyatt several months ago. http://alongcamehaley.blogspot.com/  We learned later that she was one of Wyatt's best friends and were surprised to learn that they were in the same foster family.  We did not know about the foster family until we met them in China.  Well, Haley is home now, and Tamara was checking out her family's blog.  Wyatt joined her at the computer to look at the pictures and seemed at a loss as to what to do with his emotions.  It is clear that he misses her and is concerned about her.  Wyatt is happy, but we know that losing his foster siblings and the kids he has known all his life would be just like any five year old losing a sibling -devastating!  It doesn't matter that he has walked into a family like he has never had and a life full of opportunities he never had, missing the people is part of the adjustment. He has not grieved as we thought he would, but it seemed to hit him tonight.  Pray for him - so many adjustments - so much loss -in so little time.