A Traumatizing Week.......
August 16, 2008
      It was a very traumatizing week for everyone!  Jillian goes to daycare, and, I go back to work.
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But I don't want to go to daycare!

      A rough week for everyone all around.  Thankfully, we all survived.  Jillian started with daycare as Mommy had to go back to work .

     John and I were tired, stressed and overwhelmed while Jillian was a bit confused by the whole situation.  Jillian's first day at daycare went by with a little uncertainty.  Jillian was handed over without incident while we slipped away.  One minute Mom and Dad were there, and the next minute, they weren't.  Tricked into staying at daycare.  I was just wrecked, and John was too.  While we were gone, Jillian had lunch, quietly played with some small toys, and fell asleep while I just cried and cried.  John, too, was a bit misty eyed.

     We had fears that she would think we left and would not come back.  We had hoped that she would be awake to see that we came back for her.  

     Three and a half hours later, we went back to pick Jillian up to find that she was still sleeping and had to wake her up. Everyone was crying.

     The second day at daycare, Jillian is a smart cookie, and realized where she was after walking through the door.  She did not want to leave her Daddy's arms.  She tried to reach back for John as he was leaving.  She was mostly quiet for the day.  She had lunch, played quietly, and took a nap. 

     After my first day back to work, I was off to pick up Jillian.  I walked in to find Jillian in a high chair as she had just had a snack for the afternoon.  When she heard my voice, her head popped up, and she cried when she saw me.  She couldn't get to me fast enough.  As I picked her up from the high chair, she was crying, smiling, and giggling.  She put her head on my shoulder, then she picked her head up again to look and make sure I was still there.  She did this several times until she was sure that I wasn't going away. 

     Third day at daycare was pretty much a repeat of the day before.  She did not want to leave her Daddy's arms and tried to reach for him as he was leaving.   This time, my Dad came with me to pick Jillian up.  You could see the recognition in her face when she saw us.  Again, she cried, smiled and giggled when I picked her up.  Again, she put her head on my shoulder and picked her head up to look and make sure I was still there, and again she did this several times. 

     As we were leaving, the winds were picking up, the sky turned dark, there was thunder and lightning, and a huge downpour of rain.  We were getting wet as we tried to get to the car, and put Jillian into the car seat.  The storm came out of nowhere, and was not predicted until much later in the day.

      Jillian's fourth day went a little easier.  She interacted a little bit with the other babies, and bonded a bit with one of her caregivers.  I, on the other hand, had a harrowing experience trying to make my way over to the daycare center though another severe thunderstorm with thunder and lightning. 

     I got off the parkway on the wrong exit and was routed by my Onstar service through a threating flash flood area.  Meanwhile there was a tornado coming through the same area at the same time.  In a torrential thunderstorm, a three minute re-route took 40 minutes to make my way over to the daycare center.  Thank goodness for Onstar!!  I was almost hysterical, as the Onstar agent stayed on the line with me until I was in familiar surroundings. 

     When I arrived to pick Jillian up, there was a lull in the storm.  I was on the verge of tears, and there was Jillian very happy to see me, and this time not crying.  Again, she put her head on my shoulder and then pick her head up to see that I was still there, and again, she did this several times until she was sure that I was not going away.

     The week came to a close, and we were all very, very, very exhausted.  As per our usual routine, we spent Friday night at Papa's house, then a full day of shopping for the week's essentials on Saturday. 

     Saturday is an important day to get of of the house, especially for my sister, Debra.  Debra has cerebral palsy and is deaf.  With our busy schedule, it is the only day fully dedicated to getting Debra out and about.  We do, however, get out sometimes during the week, and, we also have family visitors during the week. 

     You'd be surprised what a simple trip for a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts means to Debra.  A trip that anyone else may take for granted.  So, we try to pack in as much as possible in a day out.  We do quite well, and manage to go to many places.  Since Jillian arrived home, Debra likes to go baby shopping more than anything else.  She loves to pick out toys and clothes for Jillian. 

     Debra and Jillian have become quite attached, and, Aunt Debra is an excellent helper when it comes to Jillian. 

      This particular weekend, we sweated out my pager going off as I have a call schedule a week out of each month for the hospital.  It just happened to be my turn to take call my first days back to work.  Many thanks to Aunt Sandra and Aunt Caryn for volunteering to be available  should I get called in to work.  They saved the day!!  Now we just have to get through the next week with being on call through to Friday morning and we'll be okay.  Hopefully, Jillian will have an easier time adjusting to the next week at daycare. 

     As much as I dearly want to stay at home with Jillian, we must admit that daycare will be a good experience for Jillian especially as she is our only child.  She'll be able to socialize with her peers, and have a good learning atmosphere.  The age groups are separated, and the infant's room allows the babies to be babies.  We really like the daycare and the people that are her caregivers.  It is a clean, bright and happy place.  We chose it on the recommendation of an extremely cautious mom, and like everyone else, a fair bit of blind faith.  I had the same feeling of blind faith when we chose our adoption agency.  Both times, it was a good instinctual feeling.  So far, we are very happy with the facility.

     P.S.  Monday, August 18, 2008.  Since Jillian was placed in our arms on May 26th, 2008, she has been a very healthy baby which is sometimes uncommon when adopting a child that has been in an orphanage .  Often times, these children have had one or more of a variety of issues.  After one week at day care, our poor baby has a very runny nose and has been sneezing quite a bit.  We thought they would not accept her back until her nose has stopped running.  She was, however, able to attend daycare.  

     We also found out that several of the children had developed the same issues.  It can't be helped, and looks like this is going to be an ongoing thing  -  the sad nature of daycare.

     Even though she must feel miserable,  our Jillian goes on happy as can be - all smiles, a good disposition and still manages to sleep through the night.

     Also, since sharing is caring, Jillian naturally passed her little runny nose on to me!  I am just wiped out with full days at work, little sleep, a sore throat, runny nose, and sneezing!  Here's hoping that I can sleep as well as my baby girl!!  Even with all that, Jillian manages to make me smile all day.  She is just Magic!!!  Magic - the perfect word to describe our baby!!