Wow Summer flew!! August 18, 2008 · August 18, 2008
Wow summer has flew by.  I can't believe it's almost fall.  We had a nice summer and were able to visit several amusement parks.  We were also able to attend Gracie's orphanage get together.  All the children that are home from LuoHe got together, well at least 4 of them.  Then one of the children was from Zhenzghou China, orphanage.  It was wonderful.  Broc worked at Fazoli's all summer.  Faith and Grace swam in the pool and both are doing quite well with the swimming. :)  Faith is such a funny child she knows words to rock songs, she knows all of her colors, she converses just like an adult, she amazes me.  Gracie's English is amazing, I would hate to see how much Chinese I had learned in a year, LOL!!  She's loving the Olympics and says she's going to do that some day!!!  Today was Gracie's first day of pre-K and she acted like she'd been there for years, too funny.  My family is coming in for Labor Day and were very excited!!!  I just can't wait to see everyone!!!
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