back to normal · September 12, 2008

Zachary returned to football this week.  He still has a hole in his leg, but he has been okayed to return to full football.  He was able to condition with the team last week but could not participate in the contact stuff.

Wyatt is now doing a preschool/kindergarten split.  He spends half of his day in preschool with Julia and the other half in kindergarten.  This is working out very well for him.  Preschool gives him the option of more one on one help and the ability to interact with the kids more to improve his language.  Our hope is that he will return to full day kindergarten in January.

Aside from the language mountain that Wyatt is trying to climb, he is also hindered by the fact that he is left-handed.  He uses his right hand so well and switches back and forth so much that it took the school a few weeks to determine which hand is dominant. 

The only down side to Wyatt's new schedule is that he spends half of his day in Julia's classroom, and she is none too happy about that.  A few weeks before promotion weekend at church, we told Julia that she and Wyatt would not be in the same classroom after the promotion.  Much to our surprise, Julia took that as good news.  She informed us then that Wyatt tells her friends that she is his when Julia tries to talk to them.  Wyatt was less than thrilled about leaving Julia's room at church. Finally on her own again,  Julia was not at all happy to learn that Wyatt would be joining her in her preschool room, and that raised some concern for us.  In fact, we are really hoping that he will be ready for first grade next year because for the sake of our family, we would put them in the same class if they were starting in the same grade next fall.  The kindergarten curriculum at our school involves the parents quite a bit, and when you both work, you don't want to start choosing between your children for the few times you can be included in those activities. We think that Wyatt will always be about Julia's business, so we hope that they will be in separate grades so that he can have his own friends and experiences.

For now, having them together is great for us.  Julia is able to report what papers Wyatt did in preschool versus kindergarten.  The school was concerned that if they were together, she would speak for him.  No worries there.  In the church preschool on the one week that the teacher did not know that Wyatt does not know English, Julia never breathed a word in his defense while the adults puzzled over why he was tugging at the other kids and flopping on the floor during the lesson.  On their first day in preschool together, she promptly ditched him when they got into the classroom.  That said, she is crazy about him at home.  She always wants him to play with her.

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Taking a look back. Wyatt needs a baby picture for school next week, so I have pulled his lifebook and chosen these pictures. In the coming months, I will share more of my favorites on this site. Wyatt was probably three when these were taken. They are not dated (these are the only undated photos). We do not have any earlier photos and have never seen a picture of him before his lip repair.
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Any help out there on translating written Chinese?  As I have looked through Wyatt's lifebook, all of the pictures are captioned and some have quotes.  I am guessing they have quoted what he said.  His pictures were taken twice a month every month from the time that he was three years old.  We would love to have this translated and will start exploring that option with friends.