Simply September 17, 2008....a year ago today
September 17, 2008
     Simply.....September 17, 2008.....a year ago today.
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We waited.....

      One year to the day, Jillian was placed in a location so that she would be found.  Call it fate, call it destiny, call it timing, call it a red thread, call it MAGIC! Call it whatever you want.  All we know is that an amazing series of events took place. 

     One thing lead to another.  Gathering documents, fingerprinting, re-fingerprinting, expirations, seals, homestudies and homestudy renewals, application renewals, fee after fee, delay after delay, etc., etc., etc.... 

     It makes us wonder who was waiting for who.  Were we waiting for this beautiful baby, or, was this beautiful baby waiting for us??  Timing is everything.

     One particular day in China at the CCAA, two particular dossiers were on a desk, or maybe on a computer screen at the same time.  One belonged to a family who went to great lengths, jumped through governmental hoops, and great expense for the love of a child.  The other belonged to a beautiful, healthy baby girl who needed a family. 

     For reasons unknown, someone at this desk, or in front of that computer screen felt that these two dossiers belonged together. 

     When those two dossiers came together, a family was born.  A perfect fit.  A puzzle piece that completes a puzzle.  Uncondtitional love.  Absolute MAGIC.  Was it looks?  Was it personality?  What was the deciding factor that put these two dossiers together?  These are questions that we'll never know the answers to.  These are answers that are not even needed. 

     What an amazing ,incredible feeling, having this baby, your baby, in your arms after her bath all lotioned up giving her a bottle.  She coos as she drinks her bottle, her head rests against your chin.  As you hold her bottle, her tiny hands reach to hold on to your fingers.  The love for this baby just grabs your heart.  You walk a lighter step.  You smile at the thought of her.  You may be more tired, things won't be easy, life happens, and yet, your world is complete.