first field trip · September 28, 2008

On Friday, Wyatt went on his first field trip with his kindergarten class. Andy joined him for the adventure and said that Wyatt was confused about the fact that he knew Andy was going, but Wyatt was taking the bus, and Andy was following in the car.  Wyatt was beaming when he got off the bus and found Andy there awaiting his arrival.  They went to a local farm that is famous in this area for their fall celebrations and pumpkins.  They returned with all kinds of goodies from the market including a bag of apples that each child received that made Wyatt quite proud.

Along the way they saw how apples are processed and met Johnny Appleseed on his birthday.  You can tell from the pictures that Wyatt had a good time.

Wyatt experienced another first on Saturday when he attended a birthday party for a classmate.  Again, he had a great time minus a few bouts of pouting over not getting his way and being reminded that it was not his job to help open presents.

We would also like to share this little update.  Wyatt received a progress report from his school music teacher.  She noted that Wyatt has a good singing voice and matches pitch well.  You might recall that one of us has prayed specifically that he would be a talented singer.  Our hope would be that the thing that was to hinder him would be the very thing that draws people to him and allows him to point them to Christ.

The bad news is that his music teacher also noted that Wyatt sings and talks while she is addressing the class.  Naturally, this distracts the other children (sigh).

Language Update  Wyatt's new phrase is "I really want...."  All the way home from the birthday party yesterday, Wyatt stated, "I really want McDonald's," or "I really want Star Wars legos."  Unfortunately, this has become one of our biggest struggles with Wyatt.  He has it in his head that he should get what he wants when we are out and seems to think that we are cruel when we do not take care of his desires.  He is great when there is a choice.  If he brings us three items to buy, and we state that he must choose only one, he is fine with that. However, when the answer is a straight "no,"  he does not do so well. Teaching him about money and its limits is out of the question right now. 

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Wyatt shows off his apples. His shirt says "class of 2021." Can you even imagine!?
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In case you are wondering just how long we will keep this site going, the plan is to continue until the one year anniversary of Wyatt's gotcha day (June 10, 2009). This is our version of a baby book for him.  At the time that we close this site, we intend to start a family blog because scrapbooking is just out of the question at this point, and this will be an easy way to maintain our memories until the day comes that scrapbooking is again a possibility.