The funny side of learning English. · October 05, 2008

As Wyatt continues to learn more and more English each day, we thought it was time to share some of our amusing stories with you.

All kindergartners at Wyatt's school have the task of learning their carpool number and their lunch number.  Wyatt does not really need to know his carpool number because we have to walk up and pick him up each day, but the lunch number is a necessity.  When trying to teach him the number, I would say the number and try and get Wyatt to repeat it.  However, when I said the number, Wyatt responded with "eat."  At least he knew what the number meant!

One thing that was nice about this trip to China was that we prayed at every meal.  Yes, we did this publicly in a country that tries hard to weed religion out of their lives.  Wyatt quickly learned the drill.  We would all hold hands, and usually Andy would say the prayer.  At home we often ask the kids if any of them would like to say the prayer for our meals.  Julia is always a willing participant, and we love to hear her pray because she uses such phrases as "thank you for the glory,"  which usually brings about a little chuckle.  Wyatt has recently decided that he would like to pray over our meals too.  It is clear that we still have some work in this area as he always either sings "Happy Birthday" or the color song he has learned for the color blue. 

We are displaying Wyatt's adoption announcement here.  We were just a few short of what we wanted to send, so we may place a second order. Thanks to Mandy's Moon at for their speedy work on these and the extra effort when we changed our minds about what we wanted.  Thanks also to Erin Denicolo who pointed us in this direction.  We absolutely love the result!