He's a "teenager!!!" · October 17, 2008

Today, Zachary turns 13.  Julia used to talk about "teenagers" with air quotes, and now she lives with one.  Actually, at dinner tonight she told us that there are three teenagers in this house - Mom, Dad, and Zachary.  We are not sure whether to take that as a compliment.

Zachary is celebrating with family tomorrow and with friends next weekend. 

An Early Christmas gift for the Page children

Our original plan for the special time when our kids become teenagers is a weekend getaway with Mom and Dad.  However, a recent adoption, stay in the hospital, and other financial issues prevented such a thing.  Therefore, we came up with a proposal for the kids.  We would buy season passes for our local amusement park that can be used now but are also good for the 2009 season.  They come with guest passes, and we would allow Zachary to use the guest passes for an afternoon there with his friends next weekend.  The catch is that this will be one of their three Christmas gifts.  They loved the idea, and we took them to the park to purchase the passes and have a little fun last weekend.  Wyatt loved it, and told us repeatedly that he wants to go to "Chuck E. Cheese again."  It was so much fun to watch his reaction as he tried each ride.  He was just grinning from ear to ear - too cute.  We will get some pictures when we take the "teenagers."  We were glad to learn that Wyatt knows the word "again."  He called the park "Chuck E. Cheese" because Julia has been talking up Chuck E. Cheese and telling Wyatt that he must go there.

Enjoy the pictures from this week.

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The birthday boy right after his last football game
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