Uncle Gary visits from Alaska....by way of Ohio??
October 25, 2008
       Uncle Gary visits from Alaska...By way of Ohio??  After living in Alaska for more than 25 years,  my brother Gary and his wife, Janet, decided to retire and move to Ohio. 
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Uncle Gary is here....He's really here!!!

       Surprise visit from Uncle Gary!!  Just three weeks late in posting.....Uncle Gary made a SURPRISE visit to my Dad's house.  Got a call from my Dad while I was at work:  Gary called.  He's at Stew Leonard's....do you want anything!!??  Well, we were just so excited!!  I picked up Jillian from daycare and flew home to my Dad's so Jillian could meet her Uncle Gary for the first time in person!! 

     Luckily, I was able to arrange the next day off from work.  Thanks Evan!!!!  And we had an absolutely beautiful day as the weather cooperated for a visit to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. 

     We purchased many fine Italian specialties for a late lunch and dinner, as well as, some goodies to bring back to Aunt Janet who took the opportunity to visit her sister while in the lower 48.  Can't get that good Italian stuff in Alaska!!  You can have all the moose and salmon you want.   But, no fresh clams on a half shell...No pepper biscuits....No fresh suprasotta....No fresh mozzarella.....And, if you like it....No fresh sweet breads (yuck)....No fresh tripe (double yuck)!!