New firsts for October
October 26, 2008
      New firsts for October, 2008.
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     New firsts for October, 2008.  Jillian meets Uncle Gary, October 1,2008.  

     Jillian says...drummm rolllll pleeease:  Papa!!!  October 15, 2008.  And, says.....Nananana too!!!  

     Also, over the last few weeks, Jillian becomes more daring.  She ventured into the hallway, and started climbing the stairs.  Jillian stands a lot longer with support or holding on to furniture or toys.  Also, she starts to walk a bit with support holding her hands.

     Five months a family.   May 26th, 2008, Jillian was placed in our arms for the first time.  May 27, 2008, we officially became a family.  Seems like yesterday.  Every day that goes by, every trip to the store, every time we go to daycare, every time we play on the floor......we grow and learn new ways to make things go easier for the next trip out.  Can't imagine a time before this little one came into our lives!!

      Also, over the past few weeks, Jillian has had SEVERAL teeth emerging!  Stray fingers beware!!