The Many Days of Halloween - Part 4???
November 07, 2008

      The Many Days of Halloween

                    Part Four


      It's a GREAT BIG TAG, You're It!!


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  •        The hardest part of being on the end of a tag is that the that everyone else has already been tagged! 

     So if there are any newbies to our blog, consider yourself TAGGED!!

      As per the rules of the tag - random facts - extras since I was Double Tagged along with links in the Links section, and said rules posted on blog:

  •    For someone who loves to cook, and is a wanna be chef, my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp!
  • I like sets, for example, cups, mugs, dishes.  If one breaks, they need to be replaced.  I can't stand odd pieces.
  • I have two cell phones, and, the numbers are a closely guarded secret!!  I don't really like being on the phone. Also, counting the days till i'm eligible for the new 3G iphone!! If that's not a contradiction, I don't know what is!!
  • I am proud to say that my love  and appreciation for all different varieties of music comes from my Dad!
  • I am proud to say that my sense of humor and wit comes from my parents!
  • Since coming home from China, I replaced all of my TVs with flat panel LCDs and added one more to the mix which makes a total of five sets!
  • We had to replace our washing machine.  I chose an LG top of the line blue front loader, and, basically can't rest until the dryer is replaced too! -  I have to have it, my life depends upon it.
  • I am proud to say that I consider my Dad:  SOAK!!  The Source Of All Knowledge!!
  • I wish I was in a position to be a stay at home Mom.  Things like health insurance and bills put an end to that thought!
  • I can't stand to have loose change in my pockets.
  • I can't stand junk mail, politics and smoking.
  • Pet peeve - People who talk on the cell phone while driving; and, people that don't yield to yield signs, or stop at stop signs.
  • I am so very fortunate and grateful for the friendship and support of my dearest friends!
  • I am so grateful for the support of all the families that have traveled before we did.  They were a source of support while we waited for our referral.  And, they still continue to be a great support.
  • Even for our small house, storage is out of the question!
  • I really miss my Mom .  Lost to lung cancer 5 years ago.  I miss her friendship, support and advise.  My Mom was our biggest cheer leader with our adoption plans from China.  She was so excited at the prospect of our little China doll.  It just breaks my heart that she did not get the chance to meet this fabulous little person.  I know they would have been quite a Tag-Team.  I would have been out voted every time!  My Mom....Always Missed!!  Always Loved!!
  • So very fortunate to be the Mom to a Uniquely Beautiful, Healthy, Happy Baby Girl from China with blond hair and hazel/blue eyes!!