Happy Thanksgiving! · November 30, 2008

Over the river and through the woods to Granny's house, we did go.

Wyatt thoroughly enjoyed his first Thanksgiving.  He met his cousins Alex (8) and Ben (6) for the first time, and amazed them with his good appetite at dinner. We stayed Thursday night at Granny's and came home late Friday night (it is a 2.5 to 3 hour drive from here).

The kids helped Granny decorate her house while the other adults went out for lunch and shopping on Friday.

Wyatt received an early birthday present from his Aunt Dianna and her family. He finally got the Star Wars legos for which he has been longing.  However, Alex's birthday is November 20th, and he received Bakugan balls.  Wyatt could not get enough of them.  So, they are now on the top of his Christmas wish list and were about all he talked about after discovering what fun they are.  We struck a deal with him that if he would clean his room, we would buy him a Bakugan ball.  On Saturday morning, Wyatt cleaned up first thing.  He did not even eat breakfast or say good morning to anyone before his room was clean.  He anxiously awaited our trip to Target in the afternoon where he chose three Bakugan balls that have taken up permanent residence in the pockets of his pants.  Wyatt and Julia do not receive an allowance, so we do treat them every once in a while when they have been helpful around the house.  Julia cleaned the living room yesterday, and she chose a toy make up kit.  Unfortunately, she broke the little bag that came with it before she even got it home, so that was a little sad. 

Funniest Thanksgiving story:

We played Clue after dinner and then the kids played it while the grown ups chatted.  One of the kids used the word "suspicious" which Julia thought was hysterical.  She laughed until they had to remove her from the room so they could continue the game.  Later, in the kitchen, the grown ups started saying "suspicious" which brought on laughter from Julia.  You have to understand Julia's laugh.  I am of the biased opinion that it is the best sound in the world.  She laughs with her belly, and it is very contagious.  We must have said the word 20 times and gotten the same reaction every time from her.  We all laughed and laughed.  It was great!

"Don't you mess with my sister!"

While the grown ups were hanging out in the kitchen, Julia came to join us, and Uncle Mike started tickling her. This delights her.  However, Wyatt happened to charge through the kitchen unaware of what was happening.  He thought Mike was hurting Julia, so he ran over and kicked and punched his uncle and made it clear that he was not to hurt Julia.  I think we are going to be fine for her dating years.  Hopefully, Wyatt won't run off the good ones!

We are having some problems with the lights but are hoping to have the tree up today.  I will post pictures later today or tomorrow of our Thanksgiving weekend and the trimming of the tree.  I will return to the Life in China posts as soon as I can.  The next three weeks are always a busy time, and this year we have a birthday to celebrate and a post placement visit from our social worker scheduled.

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Julia was an Indian for her school Thanksgiving feast.
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We just got the proofs from Zachary's annual pictures.  It is hard to get a good picture of a 13 year old boy.  See for yourself.


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