The nutty-nosed Rudolph · December 02, 2008

Wyatt's homework this week

The Assignment:  Color the Rudolph and make sure to choose a nutty color for his nose.  Cut him out and glue him to writing paper and write a story about him.

The Challenge:  Get Wyatt to understand the assignment and do it.

Wyatt remembered what the teacher demonstrated about cutting out the reindeer and gluing it to the paper.  I went with his idea for the story and wrote it with a yellow marker in complete sentences.  Wyatt traced my writing. (This is a technique they use at school with him.  I would never think of it, thus I teach high school students, not kindergarten).

The Story:

This is a Star Wars Rudolph. His antlers are light sabers.  He likes to be funny, so he has a funny nose.

Do you think there are bonus points for creativity?

It is all about the food!

On another note, I asked Wyatt on Monday night what he likes about school.  I figured there had to be something likeable.  His answer -"lunch and snack"  (sigh)  He is all boy!  We honestly can't figure out where he puts it.  He is in the 25th percentile in height and weight, yet he eats constantly and never seems to gain anything.  If only I had those genes.  (sigh again)