Happy New Year!!
January 01, 2009
      Happy New Year!!
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Still don't like hats!!

      Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!  We spent the evening with my family.  John had to work a double shift.  Too bad he had to miss out on all the fabulous food and festivities!!  A good time was had by all!

     We were all set with party hats and blowers with streamers courtesy of my Cousin Donna and Aunt Mary.  The pots and pans were ready with wooden spoons for Jillian to bang on!!  Poor baby was pooped out by 10 PM and was so overtired that she fought sleep.  She was down and out by 10:30 PM, and missed out on ringing in the New Year.   

     So as not to make too much noise after Jillian was asleep,  the party favors were forgotten.  Sorry Donna.  We know that you made an extra trip back home just to get the hats and blowers!!

     We switched between the channels watching the different specials featuring Times Square.  Sad to say that Dick Clarke's Rockin' New Years Eve was pitiful.  After all these years,  this was the worst broadcast.  None of the performances were noteworthy, and none of the performers could sing without the enhancement of a studio.  It was sad to watch. 

     On a happier note, we are so grateful for everything that has happend since our referral. So many changes for the better!!  This indeed will be a very Happy New Year!!