Happy Birthday Mommy!!
January 02, 2009

 Happy Birthday Mommy!!

for the whole month of January!!

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Happy Birthday, Mom! This is for you.

      Today, I celebrated my birthday for the first time as a Mom!  One of the fondest memories I had of my birthday as a child was how my Mother made me feel like I was so very special.  I had to be at least five years old at the time.  I was in Kindergarten.

     My Mom told me that I was SO SPECIAL that starting in December, and the whole month of January, that my name was on EVERYTHING!!

     Naturally, in my wide eyed wonder, I said REALLY??  To which she replied, "Really!  I'll show you!" 

     She showed me everything in the frig, from the milk, to the eggs, to the butter, and so on.  She took me to the store and showed me everything in the dairy isle, and the meat section, even the frozen foods.  And - she was RIGHT!!  I was so special that my name was on EVERYTHING!!  I couldn't believe it. 

     WOW!  My name really was on EVERYTHING!! 

     I went to school just preening, with my head held high, and told one of the little girls in my class what my Mother had said.  Naturally, she didn't believe me.  I told her to go check her frig when she goes home. I told her:  You'll see -  I am so special that my name is on EVERYTHING!

     Next day at school, this little girl came up to me and said:  "You're right!  Your name IS on everything!!"  To which I replied:  "I Know!!  My Mother told me!!"

     So, all you disbelievers out there, you go home and to the store, and check everything.  You'll see, my Mom was right!!  I am so special that MY name IS on EVERYTHING!!  How's that for blowing my own whistle??

     OOPPS!!  Just checked my frig!!  We need milk and eggs!!  They Just expired:  Jan 02, 2009!!  At least the butter will be good for two more weeks.  So much for blowing my own whistle!!  LOL!!

     Here's wishing a Big Thank You to my Mom for making me feel so very special!!  I can only hope to aspire to be as good a Mom to my little girl!