Finally -a snowman for Wyatt - well, sort of · January 27, 2009
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Since winter began, Wyatt has been anxious for enough snow to build a snowman.  Today, school was cancelled because we are pretty much buried under a sheet of ice and snow. Tomorrow isn't looking good for school either.  Wyatt tried to wake Andy up first thing this morning when he saw the snow.  He wanted to build a snowman. I had to send him out of the room as Andy was called to the hub last night and didn't get home until 3:15a.m.  Then, Wyatt tried to get Zachary up - yeah, good luck with that one.

The bad news is that the snow is not good snowman snow.  It is crunchy, but finally, Wyatt got the snowman done with a little help from Zachary.  It was very important that the snowman have a carrot nose.  Wyatt insisted on it. His eyes and mouth are made of pretzels.

...and Wyatt's social security card came yesterday.  We have to do our taxes by mid February, so this is very helpful.

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