Happy Chinese New Year!! New year...New blog...
January 26, 2009

     Happy Chinese New Year!!  

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       Here's wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!!  For a while now I've getting the ITCH to start a new blog.  So, New Year....New Blog!! 

     I decided to give it a go the beginning of this month, signed onto Bl0gger, and posted a few entries and some photos of Miss Jillian. 

     It's still in it's infancy, and still needs some tweaking.  At the moment, I am still all thumbs, and we are a work in progress.  I was having some difficulties with uploading photos, however, our dear friend, the Duchess, gave me some very helpful tips to make life a little easier.  Duchess, we owe you much gratitude!!  The insanity of it all was giving me writer's block!!  Thus the reason for minimal posting, as well as, double posting between two blogs and the time factor wasn't helping matters - not to mention that the last little bug that Jillian passed on to me kicked my butt for the last three weeks!

     Presently, I am 94% used space on this blog, and do not want to purchase any more additional space.  Another pet peeve was limited control, and no auto saving content -  I would lose a long post if I did not stop to save as I went along and would continually have to go back to edit the post.  Also, I must admit  that I was a little jealous and love all the new blog designs our online friends are sporting!

     New link is:  www.strawberryblondfromchina.blogspot.com/

     Stay tuned here, as well as, the new blog.  I still have space here to upload new photos!