Happy Valentine's Day! and catching up · February 14, 2009

I will stick with mostly pictures for this post. Wyatt finishes basketball next week.  We can't say that this has been exactly a success.  He melted down last week, and this week, he was very reluctant to play.  He spent quite a bit of time crawling on the court.  However, he is a ham for the camera, so when I encouraged participation so that I could get a picture, he did act like part of the team briefly. 

We are celebrating Valentine's Day here - another first for Wyatt.  Getting his cards ready for school was a bear of a job.  He was to address them himself to each classmate. I learned this after I had him sign about half of them and taped suckers to them.  So...we started over.  Wyatt got frustrated after doing about five of them, taped the suckers to them himself and loaded them into the bag.  I then pulled the suckers off again, and again we started.  I also found them scattered all over the house UGH!  Finally, we pulled a late night the night before the party and got them done.  This mom is glad it is over.

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I had to share this picture. Wyatt is not actually asleep, but this is how we find him almost every night shortly after he falls asleep. I wish I knew what he was thinking as he stares at the ceiling pondering what? life? family life? contentment? Bakugan? Spiderman? Star Wars? UltraMan? how to get out of school? hiding places for candy? ...if only I knew
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Finally - some memories

Wyatt has shared this week that he remembers American families visiting the orphanage and bringing candy for the children.  For a long time now, he has told us that he wants to go to China to take candy to his friends - if I had a million bucks -that would certainly be on the "to do" list.