basketball, school, and hives - a week with Wyatt · February 22, 2009


Let me start this post by saying that blogging has taken a different turn for me.  I am limiting this site to posts about Wyatt while blogging about the family on the blog.  Things at home are overwhelming right now, and I am trying to balance that, so my plan is to update no more than once a week and to do that as part of my "rest" on Sundays.

The week in review

On Monday we conferenced with Wyatt's teacher. We discussed his horrible, and I do mean horrible (maybe he's going to be a doctor?), handwriting, his math and reading skills.  It is amazing to see the strides that Wyatt is making.  He really leaps in ability from assessment to assessment.  However, I really wanted the bottom line at this conference, and I had two questions.  Does he need to be reviewed for occupational therapy, and does he appear to need to repeat kindergarten? 

Q1 answer - he will soon be evaluated for speech therapy, so the school will arrange for an occupational therapist to evaluate him as well ...Wyatt constantly switches hands while he writes which makes it hard for me to work with him on this. He seems to use his left hand more for other things, but he ate dinner right-handed tonight - go figure

Q2 answer - The short answer is that it is a moot question.  Our county does not allow grade repetition until third grade - not even at parental request.  As an educator in a high school setting, I found this especially disheartening.  I think the kids who are pushed forward without a solid foundation end up frustrated with school and once that sets in, we never get them past it.  What does this mean for Wyatt? - now for the long answer that will ultimately return to the short answer. We talked about different options  such as having him tested at the Christian school our other children attend.  We have an eight year history there and love the school, but we are not sure that we would get an unbiased opinion there.  They decided in September that Wyatt should repeat kindergarten, and that was pretty much a done deal.  We feel certain that he would land in kindergarten there, and we want Wyatt to return eventually, but we are not sure we will do that before middle school.  So, this is the plan for now.  I am confident that God led us to Wyatt's current school placement. Sometimes you just go with what God last told you to do unless He tells you otherwise.  So, the bottom line is that it looks like Wyatt will be a first grader next year.  He is a smart kid, and we will work with him as much as possible at home to keep him on track - okay, the reality is that is a good thought - doesn't always pan out in practice - could probably use some prayers here.


On Friday morning as I was preparing to leave for work, I heard a child crying.  This is not uncommon for Julia (aka "the bear" because of the way she gets up) to start the day this way, so I initially ignored it.  However, I noticed that Wyatt was on the floor of his room and looked pretty uncomfortable.  As it turned out his entire torso was covered in hives.  By the time I left for work, they were moving up his neck and around his eyes.  Benadryl and a day with Dad cured him.


Wyatt finished basketball yesterday, and we pulled bribery out of our brilliant parenting strategies with a promised trip to McDonald's (Old MacDonalds if you are asking Wyatt or Julia) if he would obey the coaches. His behavior was much improved and the family had dinner out last night - not too cheap for a growing family of six, I might add. 

Andy coaches Wyatt's team, and he was charged with the responsibility of handing out the trophies which are pictures of the kids themselves.  Andy decided to compare each player to a person from the Bible.  For Wyatt he chose Jacob (you might recall that Jacob's name means trickster - appropriately, I might add).  Anyway, Andy compared Wyatt to Jacob whose name was changed to Israel by God.  Andy pointed out that much like Israel spent a lot of time wandering about, Wyatt also wandered about on the basketball court, and he also noted that like Jacob, Wyatt was chosen by God.  Wyatt loved the attention and his trophy which he was anxious to show me when he and Andy arrived at gymnastics.


I did not get to see Wyatt receive his trophy because basketball and gymnastics overlap.  Julia had a gymnastics performance later in the day which also included receiving a trophy.  When she got her trophy, I snapped a picture which really upset Wyatt.  As it turned out, this was pointless for him to be upset because the camera did not record the picture.  I forgot to make sure it had a memory card. Anyway, back to Wyatt, this sent him into one of his little fits where he tells us that he does not like anything, and he wants to live somewhere else.  One time he told us he wanted to live on the moon and could not be dissuaded when I pointed out that there is no food or water there.  He said he would eat the moon to which I responded that he would be eating rocks.  Yesterday, he said he wanted to live on the rainbow and that he would eat the rainbow.  I guess this is his version of running away - at least in theory.  Anyway, I play along with him when he does this, and eventually, he snaps out of it.