Children's Museum · March 31, 2009

Please note that all the surgery updates are on the "God is in My Heart" page.  I set it up like a blog journal to put them all in one place.  I am way behind on the Life in China posts and am hoping to return to them soon.  I will not close this site until all of those pictures are posted, and I will also follow up on a list of God's fingerprints on Wyatt's adoption - a cool thing that I think Wyatt should have as part of this keepsake of his story.

Wyatt had his first trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum yesterday.  He seemed to enjoy it despite his complaints on the way that it was taking "a long way time."  Wyatt does not like long car rides.  I have posted all about our day on the blog, so I am just posting the pictures that Wyatt made me take here. 

I think Wyatt's favorite part was the mirror maze.  I didn't actually see his reaction to that, but my sister said he was really tickled by it.

I may have to shut down the blog and do a new babyjellybeans site when I close this one down.  I think the blog is harder to use.  It is hard to organize and caption the pictures. However, it is free, and that is a bonus.

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Wyatt loved this action figure display that was in with the dinosaurs.
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