best winker · June 03, 2009
Wyatt finished kindergarten today. When I picked him up from school yesterday, he had received three certificates. Wyatt had a certificate recognizing his completion of kindergarten and a certificate for making all S's and O's for the second grading period.

However, the most fun certificate he received is for being the "best winker." Several weeks ago, Wyatt's teacher revealed to me that he winks at her at the end of every day. He bobs his head from side to side as he winks with both eyes. I can't really describe it without a video.
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I must say that the end of kindergarten does seem rather anti-climatic. I somehow missed the memo about the award ceremony yesterday. I don't think I could have gone even if I knew about it. There was no graduation. He is the first child in our family to end his kindergarten without any special ceremony. I do think he has definitely earned some celebration though. He hasn't even been speaking English for a year. It took four classrooms and two schools to find the best fit for him, and his progress was simply amazing. He still has lots to learn, but we love this little buger.