Jonathan's 5th Gotcha Day · May 07, 2012
Happy 5th Gotcha Day Jonathan Elias!!!

Jonathan and Daddy kicked off the Gotcha Day celebration with their first Father/Son Camp-out in the backyard on Saturday night.  Then we had an impromptu cake celebration at the home of friends on Sunday night
.  And on Monday morning, Jonathan put on his new silk outfit from China and opened up his 2 gifts: a handpainted turtle glass bottle from China and a Lego set from America.

Little did we know, 5 years ago, how this boy with "half a heart" would fill our hearts to full and overflowing with all his smiles and love for the Lord!  His health is stable after one heart surgery in China and one with us shortly after his adoption in 2007.  No further medical intervention is neccessary.  Thank You LORD!
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Happy 5th Gotcha Day Jonathan Elias!!!