Crawfish, Swimming Pools & Naked Spagetti! · June 04, 2007

May 27th was a VERY busy day for us.  We attended our neighbor Briggs' pool party and our neighbors Brian and Marina's crawfish boil all in the same day.  The kids had a blast in the pool, eating crawfish and bouncing in the moon bounce.  Some of the photos from that day were priceless and I just had to share them with you. 

The Spagetti photos are from May 30th in Little Rock.  We picked up Spagetti for dinner in the drive thru at Fazoli's on our way to the hotel.  The only way to eat spagetti when you are almost two is to be semi-naked which is where the name "Naked Spagetti Night" came from.  As you can see...Brea loves Spagetti...she loves to slurp it, eat it, wear it, share it and she even likes to bathe with it.  :0)


Enjoy the photos!

The Princess of the Pool!
Gotta love that Red hair against that Blue water!
Danny wearing his beach hat...yes, I've tried to "misplace" it but he keeps finding it!
Look who got Daddy's beach hat!
Mommy and Brea cooling off in the shade!
Too cute!
Baker and his buddy Andrew
Brooke and her buddy Hayden
"Hey, who put me in this baby jail?"
Baker and Victoria solving all the problems of the world!
Doing the crawfish boogie!
"Hey, this is fun!"
"Hey, I wonder if sissy's has the same thing I have for dinner"
"Look mom...I can eat it with a fork too!"
And right after spagetti comes bath time!
A face only a mother could love and kiss!
"Did you know that spagetti is wearable?"
Getting ready for a new week...