Happy 11th Birthday Brooke! · October 28, 2007

Yesterday was Brooke's 11th birthday.  We celebrated with a Western themed party at our house.  There was a stick horse relay race, a boot pinata, Western themed charm bracelets to make, a campfire and S'mores!  Brooke invited a couple of girlfriends from school, a couple of girls from the neighborhood and an old friend from Mississippi who now lives in the Charlotte area.  Her Granny, Aunt Tina and Uncle Scott were also here to help us celebrate and lend an extra set of hands when needed...what a treat!

By the way, Brooke's hair looked so pretty until her cowboy hat came off!  Oh well, she had a great time!!!

Here are some pictures from the party...enjoy! 

Making Western charm bracelets
Vittles for all the cowpokes!
Trampoline fun!
The birthday girl taking a big swing at the boot pinate!
Anna in the stick horse relay race! Giddy Up!!!
Wow...eleven candles! Someone call the fire department!
A Webkinz horse from Leah...thanks Leah!
Our little cowgirl!
The gangs all here! L to R: Aaron, Baker, Leah, Tiasah, Brea, Brooke, Makenzie, Anna and Kiedra
Baker...marshmallow madness!
Campfire fun!
Brooke and Anna with their S'mores!
Aaron and Baker...double trouble!
Brea and Mommy
Brooke and Leah...friends since kindergarten
Roasting marshmallows by the fire!
Fueling up for the remainer of the party!
Aunt Tina, Baker and Brooke
Brea sitting in the shoe basket by the back door telling Barney all about the big day!