Astronaut, DARE, Dance and the holidays! · December 21, 2007

An Astronaut, Dancers, DARE and the holidays!


Yesterday was a very busy day for our family.  Baker had a wax museum project that parents were invited too, Brooke had her Dare graduation and both kids had their “parents watch night” at dance.  Yep, that is six events in just one day…and we survived!!!


Baker had a school assignment where he was assigned a person in history.  He researched Neil Armstrong, wrote a report, made a costume and participated in a “wax museum” at school yesterday.  As the kids walked by they pushed a button on his hand and he came to “life” and spoke about his character.  We had a great time putting together his costume and he looked adorable! 


 Brooke had her 5th grade D.A.R.E. graduation ceremony yesterday and she won the essay contest for her class.  She read it on stage and received a beautiful medal from the D.A.R.E. officer.  The 5th grade sang a couple of songs and the principal gave a very touching speech about the choices the kids would be faced with as they enter middle school.  We had to hold Brea back because she wanted to be with her sister!  She kept called to her from across the gym.  Thankfully, she has a mousey little voice and only those around us could really hear her.  As soon as the ceremony was over Brooke scooped her up and handed over her beautiful medal to her baby sister.  Who proudly wore it for the rest of the afternoon!

 Baker’s all boy Hip Hop class preformed for the parents last night at 5:30.  They were awesome!  Brea danced on the sidelines and I am so thankful that she was wearing a shirt that was long enough for me to hold onto because there were several times that I had to reel her back in because she was determined to be right in the middle of the group as they were dancing! 


Brooke’s classes also preformed at 6:00, 6:30 and 7:00.  It is so obvious that these girls have been dancing for years.  They take it so seriously and it shows.  She was a little upset because her regular teacher for tap was sick and couldn’t be there.  The substitute was not familiar with their routine and they didn’t get to do the dance they have been practicing for the recital.  In jazz the teacher decided that it would be fun for the parents to join in.  That was funny but not nearly as funny as when the ballet teacher decided it would be fun if the parents joined the girls at the ballet bar!  I opted to stay on the sidelines and take pictures of Danny at the bar with Brooke!  Needless to say, he needs to keep his day job as he has no future as a ballerina!  The girls in Brooke’s ballet class insisted on Baker joining them for the remainder of the class and it was a hoot!!!  They are so limber and he struggled just to get his foot up to the bar.  Brea on the other hand LOVED ballet and we will be signing her up for lessons when she reaches the ripe old age of three! 

 Last year Brea was too small to really enjoy or understand the holidays.  This year she can name all the people in the Christmas story and can make the sounds for the animals.  She loves the Christmas tree and has stripped it of the ornaments around the bottom.  She is determined to open at least one present each day but I am just as determined to make her wait so I keep rewrapping it and putting it back under the tree.  It has almost become a game!  She can also “sing” several songs and loves to look at the decorations in the neighborhood.  It is truly going to be a wonderful Christmas. 


 I can’t help but think that if Brea were still in that orphanage in she wouldn’t have a clue that it was Christmas.  She wouldn’t know who the baby Jesus was and she wouldn’t be singing Christmas carols.  Thank you God for the three beautiful gifts that you have given us.  Thank you for the gift of your son and the hope that his death and resurrection gives.

 Merry Christmas to you and your family.  May your hearts be filled with joy as you celebrate the birth of the son of God!










Baker as Neil Armstrong with Mommy and Brea
Baker and Jennie (our neighbor).
Brooke reading her essay at the D.A.R.E. graduation
Officer Crudup presenting Brooke with her award
Brooke exiting the stage after receiving her award!
Brooke receiving her certificate from her teacher Mrs. Kelmcheck
Baker in his costume
Baker, Brea and Brooke after the DARE graduation...look who has the medal now!
Baker in his Hip Hop class
Brea stretching in Brea's jazz class...that is Brooke in the background
Brooke stretching! I wish I were that limber!
Brooke in Jazz class
Brooke on her toes!
First position
On her toes!
Danny and Baker at the ballet bar. That is Brooke in the Red sweater.
Baker trying to get his foot on the bar! Ouch!
Brea working at the bar with Brooke's ballet class
Baker attempting to do a split! Ouch!