More photos...more vacation photos · July 27, 2010
Baker wearing his 3d glass at the Smithsonian IMAX
Brea wearing her 3D glasses upside down at the IMAX
Brea catching a ride on Daddy's shoulders
Bailey catching a ride on her brother's shoulders
Bailey and Brea at the Smithsonian
The kids at the Smithsonian
Brooke in DC with the Washington monument in the background
Baker in DC with the Washington monument in the background
The Smithsonian Castle
Another shot of the Smithsonian castle
My grandmother reading to Brea and sweet.
My cousin April with Brooke.
April, Brooke, Brea and Bailey
Beautiful Miss Brooke
Mischevious Baker!
Brooke with our sweet pom Simba. His age is really starting to show around his face. :0(
Brea taking a leap into the pool!
Cannon Ball!
Brea must have jumped into the pool about 100 times that day. It was the first time she got up the courage to jump in without someone catching her and she just couldn't get enough of it. She and Bailey were wearing float suits because there were lots of people over and I was afraid I'd be distracted and take my eye off of them. Better safe than sorry!
Bailey blowing bubbles by the pool. She prefers this to actually swimming in the water!